North Pointe and Fox Ridge (Front Entry)

North Pointe and Fox Ridge (Front Entry)

Plan Neighborhood Sq. Footage Bed Rooms Bath Rooms Garages Floor Plans Virtual Tour Video Starting Price
Horton North Pointe 1675 3 2 2 Horton Handout Horton Virtual Tour Horton Video $186,700
NP Sagewood North Pointe 1717 3 2 2 NP Sagewood Handout NP Sagewood Sagewood Video $188,350
Windsor North Pointe 1716 4 2 2 Windsor Handout Windsor Windsor Video $189,150
Hartford Fox Ridge 1613 4 2 2 Hartford Handout FR Hartford Virtual Tour Hartford Video $185,150
Monte Carlo Fox Ridge  1650 3 2 2 Monte Carlo Handout FR Monte Carlo Virtual Tour Monte Carlo Video $187,900
Torino Fox Ridge  1712 3 2 2 Torino Handout FR Torino Virtual Tour Torino Video $198,900

*Prices are subject to change at any time.
*Virtual tours and videos are from previous houses and might have upgrades and features not in the base price and the prices stated in the video are from old pricing.

Standard Features For All North Pointe and Fox Ridge Homes

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